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Cabrini Brighton

This is a private hospital

Member of Cabrini

243 New Street
Brighton, VIC 3186
Phone: 03 9508 8777
Fax: 03 9508 5559
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Services provided

This is a private hospital. Private hospitals charge patients for care (emergency department and admissions) and private health insurance can be used by patients to meet some or all of the costs. The following table shows selected services provided by this hospital. It does not necessarily cover all services provided—visit the hospital's external webpage for more information.

To learn more about how these services are defined and data collected, read About the data.

  • Cancer treatment services
  • Elective surgery
    • Cosmetic surgery

    • Ear, nose and throat surgery

    • Eye surgery

    • General surgery

    • Gynaecological surgery

    • Orthopaedic (bone) surgery

    • Plastic surgery

    • Urological surgery

    • Vascular surgery

    • Other elective surgery