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Healthcare-associated Staphylococcus aureus bloodstream infections

Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus) is a type of bacteria that can cause serious illness, especially if it infects the bloodstream of a patient. Some of these infections are acquired while receiving care from hospitals and other healthcare services. Hospitals aim to have as few cases of these healthcare-associated infections as possible.

The following information shows S. aureus bloodstream infections determined to have been acquired while receiving care at this hospital.

Staphylococcus aureus bloodstream infections

In 2012–13, there were 0 cases reported. For data quality reasons, the rate of infection is not reported if there are fewer than 5,000 days of patient care under surveillance.

Year Cases Days of patient care under surveillance Rate
2012–13 0 Fewer than 5,000 Not reported
2011–12 1 Fewer than 5,000 Not reported
2010–11 0 Fewer than 5,000 Not reported
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