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Outpatient services

Occasions of service for July 2011–June 2012

Outpatient care is care provided by hospitals to patients who are not admitted. Outpatient services are provided to groups as well as individuals, although the statistics on this page refer to outpatient services provided to individuals only. Go to the glossary to learn more about the services provided by each type of outpatient clinic.

This page presents information on the number of visits ('occasions of service') provided by the hospital. It does not necessarily include outpatient services provided by doctors in a private capacity.

Category Number of occasions of service
Other medical/surgical/obstetric clinics 23
Total 23

There are differences in the classification of outpatient services between states and territories that mean it is not possible to compare outpatient data for different hospitals. In addition, some outpatient services that are provided in one jurisdiction may require admission to hospital in another jurisdiction.

Category Year Number of occasions of service
Allied health 2009–10 49
Dental 2009–10 54
Other medical/surgical/obstetric clinics 2011–12 23
Other medical/surgical/obstetric clinics 2010–11 38
Other medical/surgical/obstetric clinics 2009–10 1,126
Total 2011–12 23
Total 2010–11 38
Total 2009–10 1,229
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