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About the AIHW

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare helps to drive improvements in health services by publishing nationally comparable, local-level information about how health care organisations are performing against a set of nationally agreed indicators. Read more about these indicators.External link, opens in a new window.[]

The AIHW runs the MyHospitals website, which provides performance information for public and private hospitals. The site is regularly updated with new data, much of which is also packaged into Hospital Performance reports that focus on specific topics.

The AIHW also runs a sister website, called MyHealthyCommunitiesExternal link, opens in a new window.[], which allows members of the public, clinicians, health managers, researchers and others to see how different local areas perform against a range of indicators relevant to primary health care organisations and the populations they serve. For example, the MyHealthyCommunities website shows that the percentages of children who are fully immunised vary considerably from one local area to another. The website’s data show there can also be marked differences between local areas in the rates of avoidable admissions to hospital, rates of avoidable deaths outside hospital and the access people have to GP and other primary health care services. As with Hospital Performance reports, much of the data on MyHealthyCommunities is packaged into Healthy Communities reports.

You can read more about the AIHW on the Institute’s main websiteExternal link, opens in a new window.[].