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This page presents information about the number of stays at this hospital. These stays are presented by the main administrative categories used by hospitals (childbirth, medical, surgery and mental health) for four financial years. This information can be used to understand the types of patient this hospital most often cares for and the services that the hospital provides.

Definitions of administrative categories

Stays are presented in the following categories:

  • Specialist mental health - defined as all stays at psychiatric hospitals and stays at other facilities which included psychiatric care days
  • Childbirth - defined as stays for caesarean delivery, vaginal delivery with operating room procedure or vaginal delivery using the Australian Refined Diagnosis Related Group system (AR-DRG)
  • Surgical - defined as stays that have a surgical AR-DRG
  • Medical - defined as stays that have a non-surgical AR-DRG
  • Surgical and medical stays are further divided into ‘emergency’ and ‘other’, based on the recorded urgency of admission - that is, whether admission was considered to be necessary within 24 hours (emergency) or not (other).