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MyHospitals shows selected services provided by individual hospitals, including specialised care units. This information is based on data recorded in the National Public Hospitals Establishments Database (NPHED), supplemented by information from states and territories. The service list may include information outside the scope of the NPHED, such as chemotherapy or aged care services being provided by individual hospitals, as advised by states and territories.

The information about services provided by a particular hospital is intended for general purposes only. There is the potential for some omissions or errors in this information and readers should contact a hospital directly to confirm the services available.

Number of beds

The annual average number of beds available to be used by an admitted patient was grouped into the following categories: fewer than 50, 50–100, 100–200, 200–500 and more than 500. These data are as reported by states and territories to the NPHED, and are referred to in statistical publications (including Australian hospital statistics) as 'average available beds'.

The average number of available beds presented may differ from counts published elsewhere. For example, counts based on bed numbers at a specified date such as 30 June may differ from the average available beds over the reporting period.

Comparability of bed numbers can be affected by the range and types of patients treated by a hospital. For example, hospitals may have different proportions of beds available for general versus special purposes (such as beds or cots used exclusively for intensive care). Bed counts also include chairs for same-day admissions.