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Financial performance – Efficiency data table

Explore the data for Australia’s largest public hospitals and their average cost of care, which is the amount of money they spent to deliver a notional ‘average’ hospital service to their acute admitted patients, from 2011–12 to 2013–14. This average cost of care is based not on a hospital’s total costs, but instead on a subset of those costs that can be fairly compared across different hospitals. Acute admitted patients account for the largest proportion of hospital costs nationally.

Data are available for more than 100 public hospitals across Australia. To allow fairer comparisons, the National Health Performance Authority has allocated hospitals to one of four peer groups based on a combination of hospital size, type of services provided and similar facilities. Data has been suppressed where costs or the majority of admitted patients are not available or comparable.

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Use the search bar below to find the hospital you would like to compare. You can sort results by state or peer group using the drop down menus to refine your data selection. Hospitals remain in their peer groups as they are sorted. Alternatively, you can view the data in the interactive tool.

Cost per NWAU*
Hospital State Peer group Peer filter Hospital id
The NWAU for 2011–12 has been calculated using the National Efficient Price Determination 2014–15 (NEP14), and the NWAU for 2012–13 and 2013–14 has been calculated using the National Efficient Price Determination 2015–16 (NEP15).