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Financial performance and relative efficiency of public hospitals in 2011–12

This data shows for the first time a meaningful comparison of the relative efficiency of 80 of Australia’s largest public hospitals. Two measures have been used to demonstrate financial performance and relative efficiency of hospitals: Cost per National Weighted Activity Unit (NWAU)* and Comparable Cost of Care.

These measures adjust as much as possible for the factors that can push hospital costs up unavoidably, or in ways that mean they cannot fairly be compared to others. Both measures report costs for units of activity, which allow different treatments and operations to be compared fairly

The data are available for 80 major and large public hospitals across Australia. To allow fairer comparisons, the National Health Performance Authority has allocated hospitals to one of three peer groups based on a combination of hospital size, type of services provided and similar facilities. Data has been suppressed where costs or majority of admitted patients are not available or comparable.

What is your hospital’s result?

Use the search bar below to find the hospital you would like to compare. You can compare results across all hospitals, or by relevant peer group using the drop-down menus to refine your data selection. Each shape represents a hospital. When you select a hospital on the graph, additional information about that hospital, or a group of hospitals with the same result, will appear below the graph.

Comparable Cost of Care, Cost per NWAU* for major metropolitan, large metropolitan and major regional public hospitals, 2011–12

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* The NWAU has been calculated using the National Efficient Price Determination 2014–15.

† The line of best fit has been calculated using all hospital results where Cost per NWAU and Comparable Cost of Care are available. Results for peer groups with fewer than eight hospitals for both measures are not shown on the graph.

Why isn’t my hospital listed?

Data are only provided for hospitals within a peer group where Cost per NWAU and Comparable Cost of Care can be calculated. More information about the reasons for data exclusions is available in the associated Hospital Performance report Technical Supplement.

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