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100 to 199 beds
This is a public hospital

Nambour General Hospital

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This is a public hospital

This information is intended as a general guide only.

Please contact the hospital directly for the latest advice on the services available. In an emergency, dial 000.

Contact details

For contact details and services, visit: NHSD Logo

About this hospital

100 to 199 beds

This hospital has between 100 and 199 beds.

This is a public hospital

This is a public hospital.

Services provided at this hospital

Hospital services

  • Acute renal dialysis unit
  • AIDS unit
  • Alcohol and drug unit
  • Clinical genetics unit
  • Coronary care unit
  • Diabetes unit
  • Domiciliary care unit
  • Emergency department
  • Infectious diseases unit
  • Maintenance renal dialysis unit
  • Obstetric services
  • Oncology unit
  • Paediatric service
  • Psychiatric unit
  • Sleep centre