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Hospital Performance: Costs of acute admitted patients in public hospitals in 2011–12

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About the data

Data used in this report are calculated from the National Hospital Cost Data Collection (NHCDC) and the Admitted Patient Care National Minimum Data Set.

The NHCDC is recognised internationally as an important and unique resource, used by the Independent Hospital Pricing Authority (IHPA) to establish prices for public hospital services which are eligible for funding under the National Health Reform Agreement (NHRA). The national consistency and completeness of the NHCDC has undergone assurances and review by external auditors.3, 4, 5

The data submitted to the NHCDC is owned by state and territory governments. Some governments release more recent data on their websites comparing the efficiency of their public hospitals. However, measures designed for comparison of public hospitals within a state or territory are not necessarily comparable to other jurisdictions. The measures used in this report support the national fair comparison of the relative efficiency of Australia’s largest public hospitals.

This report is based on 2011–12 data because of the length of time required for this information to be collected nationally, and to carry out the work required to make this information comparable between states and territories. With the report’s methods now established, it is anticipated that future reports will be able to use more timely data, which will also show if relativities between hospitals have shifted since 2011–12.

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Download Report (PDF, 486.1 KB)