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Hospital Performance: Time patients spent in emergency departments in 2011–12

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Download Report (PDF, 3.7 MB)


About this report

This is the first report by the National Health Performance Authority. It reflects the Authority’s decision to focus on a subset of specific indicators agreed by COAG that relate to the performance of public hospitals and their emergency departments, in recognition of the ED’s crucial role at the interface of community and hospital care.

The report compares the performance of each hospital and its emergency department against its peers, after grouping them into categories based on size (major, large and medium hospitals) to ensure comparison is fair.

The information in this report is intended to provide the public, clinicians and public hospital managers with greater insight and context on how hospitals are performing. With this in mind, the report identifies the 10% of hospitals with the highest percentages of patients who leave ED within four hours, as well as the 10% with the lowest percentages (see Figure 1).

However, in this report the Authority makes no determination that any particular hospital is performing either poorly or well. Hospitals have two more years to reach the 2015 target, and a number are already meeting it.

The definition of poor performance is likely to involve elements of comparison with targets and comparable hospitals, as well as performance over time.

The next report will focus on primary healthcare, and over time the Authority aims to build reports that examine hospital and primary care together.

Download Report (PDF, 3.7 MB)