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Hospital Performance: Time patients spent in emergency departments in 2011–12

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Fair comparisons: hospital peer groups

As part of its work, the Authority has developed new statistical methods to allow, for the first time, fair comparisons to be made between performance in different hospitals and peer groups of similar hospitals (see Table 1).

Our analysis indicates the type of hospital influences performance more than the type of ED, as the reasons for delays in ED are likely to extend into other areas of the hospital or the wider primary healthcare setting.

Specialist hospitals are not similar to other hospitals or each other and are not compared.

Improving comparisons

In preparing this report the Authority began work on ways to correct for factors such as differences in patient types that might explain why some patients stay longer in ED. The Authority is aware further work is needed to fully support the comparability of data and notes small differences in measured performance may not represent true differences in care experiences.

Further information can be found in Technical Supplement: Time patients spent in emergency departments in 2011–12 and at About the data.

Download Report (PDF, 3.7 MB)