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The MyHospitals website is moving on 31 March 2020

Don’t worry – from December 11 2019 you can find the latest information about your local area on the MyHospitals webpages on the AIHW website, along with many more reports and data on a range of health and welfare topics.

In some cases, the way you find information has changed. If you need help finding anything, please contact the AIHW.

Once the website has moved, you will be able to access old archived versions of the previously published data through Trove, the National Library of Australia’s web archive. Please note the interactive content will not work in the archived version.

Hospital Performance: Time patients spent in emergency departments in 2011–12

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About the Authority

The National Health Performance Authority has been set up as an independent agency under the National Health Reform Act 2011. It commenced full operations in 2012.

Under the terms of the Act, the Authority will monitor, and report on, the performance of Local Hospital Networks, public and private hospitals, primary healthcare organisations and other bodies that provide healthcare services.

The Authority’s reports will give all Australians access to timely and impartial information that fairly compares their local healthcare organisations against peer organisations and against national standards.

The reports will let people see, often for the first time, how their local healthcare organisations measure up against comparable organisations across Australia.

The Authority’s activities are also guided by a document known as the Performance and Accountability Framework agreed by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG). The framework contains nearly 50 indicators that will form the basis for the Authority’s performance reports.

The Authority publishes most performance data through the MyHospitals website, and releases reports on a quarterly basis. The Authority’s role includes reporting on the performance of these healthcare organisations against the 48 measures in order to identify both high-performing Local Hospital Networks, Medicare Locals and hospitals (so effective practices can be shared), and Local Hospital Networks and Medicare Locals that perform poorly (so that steps can be taken to address problems).

The Performance Authority consists of a Chairman, a Deputy Chairman and five other members, appointed for up to five years. Members of the Performance Authority are:

  • Ms Patricia Faulkner AO (Chairman)
  • Mr John Walsh AM (Deputy Chairman)
  • Dr David Filby PSM
  • Prof Michael Reid
  • Prof Bryant Stokes AM RFD
  • Prof Paul Torzillo AM
  • Prof Claire Jackson (acting member)

The conclusions in this report are those of the Authority. No official endorsement from any Minister, department of health or healthcare organisation is intended or should be inferred.